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« Apurimac, the river’s call » is the latest movie by We Are Hungry, a group of kayakers and video makers who’ve had a premiere of their journey broadcast on TREK TV channel this month. The six extreme kayakers led a 17-day expedition in Peru covering some 400kms with the strength of their arms to sail the Apurimac, the most remote source of the Amazon river. As well as taking a few ACTION-X3 smartphones with them, they also had an opportunity to test the TREKKER-X4 before its official launch. Hugo Clouzeau, kayaker and director, explains how they used their CROSSCALL smartphones during their trip.

Hugo, tell us about this expedition to Peru.

We set off as a group of 6 kayakers on a 17-day touring trip on the Apurimac river, which is the most remote source of the Amazon river. For this journey we took our inspiration from the first American expedition in the 70’s and opened a few sections of the river that hadn’t been done before. We cruised for 400kms with three supply ships so as not to increase the boats’ weight – that already weighed 40 kgs – as we often had to carry them in certain parts of the river, hence the usefulness of having a smartphone to help us get our bearings with maps.

How did you use your CROSSCALL smartphones?

We got an opportunity to test a preview of the TREKKER-X4. Stéphane used it exclusively to take pictures and videos. He would put it in his safety jacket during our descent so he could pull it out and capture the things he wanted. In terms of waterproofness the phone showed no signs of weakness and we were really happy with the pictures!

Besides the TREKKER-X4 we also had five ACTION-X3 phones. They were definitely useful to shoot the movie and for maps. We had downloaded all satellite maps and sketches of the river and riverbanks before leaving. This way we were able to check our location throughout our journey. When you sail 50 to 60 kilometers a day, from a mental perspective, it’s good to know where you are.

We could identify the challenging sections of the river and locate the routes that would enable us to bypass them. In fact, Stéphane lost his kayak right in the middle of one of the most complicated sections as he wanted to find the rapids. His boat ended up stuck in a siphon and there was no way of getting it back out. Unfortunately he had to leave the expedition and walk all the way back to Kuzco. We were very happy to have a smartphone as it helped us find a trail for him to get out of gorges using offline maps.

While shooting our movie, we used our smartphones to pilot the drone [DJI Mavic Air] and received the camera feed on the screen. Every kayaker had a smartphone linked to a mike in their jacket’s front pocket so we could get the sound of voices. The recording app could be accessed directly on their phone’s home screen which made it possible to start recording easily.

Once images were in the box I would use the ACTION-X3 as a mini-laptop. I’d transfer all rushes on hard disks and manage them using the phone.

Finally, as we were using our phones sparingly – being on full self-reliance in terms of energy with solar panels – we recharged our phones pretty much every other day.


Here is the teaser of our new movie.--- APURIMAC The River's Call ---A 17 days journey on the longest source of the Amazons through the heart of the Andes Cordillera.Big kayaking away from all, but all united. --- APURIMAC l'appel de la rivière ---Un Trip kayak de 17 jours sur la source la plus lointaine de l’amazone au cœur de la cordillère des Andes.Du gros kayak et des petites bêtes...loin de tous mais tous ensemble :)---------Film complet sur Trek TV le 6 février à 20h40NRS Spade Kayaks Crosscall Select Paddles WRSI Safety Nunayak Rafting Canyoning hf safety in an extreme world GoPro Fasboa Motivated Clothing PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING #LifeStrawWith : Pion Stephane Boulby Guillaume Fievez Boris Doye Films Mathieu Coldo Coldebella Loulou Toucourt Luigi Marmanillo Cateriano hugo clouzeau#staysafeonthewater #river #adventure #wild #peru #kayak #whitewater #outdoor #kayaking

Publiée par We Are Hungry sur Dimanche 3 février 2019

A preview of the movie « Apurimac, the river’s call » is being broadcast in February, 2019 on TREK TV television channel and will later be available on VOD from May, 2019 on We-Are-Hungry’s Viméo channel.

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