VOEUX 2020

The CROSSCALL Team wishes you a happy new year 2020!


Fans von Outdoor-Aktivitäten, haben Sie mehr als eines Ihrer Telefone durchnässt? Ist es bei jedem Ausflug immer das gleiche Problem, das Telefon trocken zu halten? Machen Sie dem ein Ende und entscheiden Sie sich für ein wasserdichtes Smartphone!


Überlegen Sie sich zweimal, ob Sie Ihr Mobiltelefon bei jedem Ausflug mitnehmen sollten? Entdecken Sie 6 Gründe, sich für ein CROSSCALL-Smartphone für Ihre Outdoor-Abenteuer zu entscheiden.

How does a GPS work ?

In this article, discover how a GPS works and our advices to optimise the use of your smartphone during your trips.

They crossed Cape Horn guided by their ACTION-X3

Sailing all the way to Cape Horn on a sea kayak without assistance. This is the somewhat crazy challenge that 6 kayakers set themselves last winter. Boris Doye, kayaker and video maker, tells us about the adventure and explains how they used their CROSSCALL ACTION-X3 smartphone to brave all the dangers of this cape.


Discover all the possibilities of the X-CAM App and learn how to use the cam action of your TREKKER-X4 as a pro. Our expert Damien explains everything in video tutorial.

TREKKER-X4, a smartphone satisfying military standards (and Mike Horn)

The TREKKER-X4 has successfully passed the 12 tests performed to ensure compliance with MIL STD 810G military standards defined by the US Army. Tests were selected so as to reflect situations users are likely to experience when using their device. It has been also tested and approved by the adventurer and explorator Mike Horn!

They skied on the moon!

The 3 skiers – Cedric Pugin from the #crosscallteam, Enak Gavaggio and Mathieu Navillod- have been selected to set off on a mission towards the conquest of « regolith », a material that’s supposed to allow you to ski… on the Moon!


On October 2nd, CROSSCALL launched its new smartphone, TREKKER-X4, the first phone in the world to embed an action-cam. A hundred journalists and influencers came to this keynote to discover the latest creation of the leader in outdoor mobile technology.


You want to go back to holidays ? Participate to the Instagram #Backtoholidays contest by CROSSCALL and try to win the stay of your choice, worth € 1000 on Sportihome !


170km, day and night, at an altitude of over 2500mt… But who are these extra-ordinary men and women who throw themselves around Mont Blanc every year? Runners, supporters, locals and organizers, they’ll answer our questions in one word!

« The phone battery was simply great »

Travelling around France on a bike, as close as possible to the country borders and in just over 20 days, was the challenge that Lilian set himself last July. A bet that he won as he travelled nearly 4000km with a 45,000-mt difference in height in just 22 days! The ideal situation for testing the ACTION-X3 on a full scale. En route for “La Grande Sortie”!

« I don’t pay attention to water any more, not even to salt »

Lalou Roucayrol, an experienced skipper and founder of the Arkema Lalou Multi Team, is much more than a well-known sailor. He owned CROSSCALL, is an experienced user and a precious tester of these phones. Let’s check out some feedback from a passionate sailor!

« Els 2900 » or « running in the sky »

70km, 7000m D+ in less than 24 hours, the 25 skyrunners of the „Els 2900“ race were equipped with TREKKER-M1 Core and TREKKER-X3 smartphones. The perfect tools to locate and geolocate in case of emergency.

„3 broken tents with two of them unusable from the first night“

The Greenland Expedition involved some serious commitment by the French GMHM and the Commando Mountain Group! The élite military members of the Ground Army had to endure some extreme conditions during a 15-day polar hike: an average -15°C temperature, a 100km/hr windstorm and 50kgs of equipment to carry around.

[TUTO] X-BIKE by Cédric Gracia

Cedric Gracia, CROSSCALL ambassador and mountain bike star presents you in video the new bike mount system X-BIKE. „Let’s go for a little tuto!“.