“A revolution in the life of a surfer !”



Ronan, Ewen and Aurélien, 3 Bretons who love board sports, have been exploring surfing spots throughout the world looking for unexplored waves. Through their web series “Lost in the Swell” these youtubers&adventurers tell us about their search for the perfect spot. After a surf & “Fat bike” trip along the Gabonese coast they continue their journey in Morocco travelling on donkeys and with an ACTION-X3 in their hands. On the road for a Moroccan season.”

Tell us about your fourth “Lost in the swell” season in Morocco.

“We walked along the Moroccan coast for a month accompanied by donkeys. The aim was to surf waves that were still unexplored in places that were often difficult to access. That’s why donkeys helped us a lot to carry our boards and equipment. At times it turned out to be more complicated than we thought in terms of logistics but this will prepare us for our next trip of three months! With 4kgs of barley per donkey on average we could only last five days…”

How did you use your ACTION-X3 during your trip ?

« Our phones helped us to identify and locate potentially interesting spots. You don’t get to find waves overnight and there are a lot of cliffs in Morocco! Being some good adventurer-surfers, we were cross-checking all possible maps putting GPS points on Google Earth, Google Maps and the SAS Planet app, one of the few that lets you pick up Russian and Chinese satellites while offline. We saved a lot of time when choosing our directions.

With surf we work a little bit like sailors. We would cross-check the weather forecast every day with the Windy and Windguru apps. That way we could work out where to go and when or whether to be patient and wait for the next swell. This helped us figure out our strategy and that really is a revolution in the life of a surfer!

We took a lot of pictures with our own phones but the ACTION-X3 also acted as a control screen when we were flying our drone, a DJI Phantom.”»

Why did you choose CROSSCALL telephones over others?

“We were on camping mode for a month so we needed our phones to survive any conditions. We were often soaked or covered with sand. In the past we would have thought twice before getting our phones out but we didn’t really need to worry about it this time.

The battery would easily last a whole day. We had sun boards to recharge our devices and we were careful not to over-use our telephones. You don’t really need to have your phone on at night in Morocco!”

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