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Whether its hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, skiing or kiting, here is our Top 20 of the best apps, selected with Alpine Mag, an outdoor adventure specialist.

Podcasts – The Sustainability Dialogues

Xavier De Le Rue,7 times World Champion and CROSSCALL ambassador since 2015, is better known for his expertise on mountains than on the climate crisis. He delivers a series of inspiring podcasts that we invite you to listen to now.

All about the CORE range

On February 5th, CROSSCALL announced the release of 3 new smartphones and its very first rugged tablet, the CORE-T4. Design and conception, discover the underside of the CORE range.

Ambassador Playlists

To help you keep pace in these confined times, our ambassadors share with you their favourite titles for dancing, relaxing or exercising.

How to reduce your digital impact ?

Now that we’re all familiar with sorting our waste, why not get into the habit of sorting your emails, too? Here are our top tips for reducing your digital impact.

CROSSCALL ambassador playlist

To help you keep peace in this time of confinement, our ambassadors want to share with you their favourite songs for dancing, relaxing or exercising.

VOEUX 2020

The CROSSCALL Team wishes you a happy new year 2020!

5 reasons to go for a truly waterproof smartphone

Outdoor activity fans, have you got more than one of your phones soaked? With each outing is it always the same headache of keeping your phone dry? Put a stop to all that and go for a waterproof smartphone!


For the 3rd edition of the UTMB® [ALL] SUPPORTERS initiative, the Crosscall team covered the length of the 171km-long Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc to deliver messages of support to runners from their friends and family. Over 1,100 videos from friends, parents, and children from all four corners of the world, all with one single aim: to boost the moral of ultra trail runners as they embarked on an incredible adventure. Discover the heartfelt messages and emotional reactions below…

Why choose an outdoor smartphone?

Do you think twice about taking your mobile phone with you every time you go on an excursion? Discover 6 reasons to choose a CROSSCALL smartphone for your outdoor adventures.

How does a GPS work ?

In this article, discover how a GPS works and our advices to optimise the use of your smartphone during your trips.

They crossed Cape Horn guided by their ACTION-X3

Sailing all the way to Cape Horn on a sea kayak without assistance. This is the somewhat crazy challenge that 6 kayakers set themselves last winter. Boris Doye, kayaker and video maker, tells us about the adventure and explains how they used their CROSSCALL ACTION-X3 smartphone to brave all the dangers of this cape.


Discover all the possibilities of the X-CAM App and learn how to use the cam action of your TREKKER-X4 as a pro. Our expert Damien explains everything in video tutorial.

TREKKER-X4, a smartphone satisfying military standards (and Mike Horn)

The TREKKER-X4 has successfully passed the 12 tests performed to ensure compliance with MIL STD 810G military standards defined by the US Army. Tests were selected so as to reflect situations users are likely to experience when using their device. It has been also tested and approved by the adventurer and explorator Mike Horn!

They skied on the moon!

The 3 skiers – Cedric Pugin from the #crosscallteam, Enak Gavaggio and Mathieu Navillod- have been selected to set off on a mission towards the conquest of « regolith », a material that’s supposed to allow you to ski… on the Moon!