Air, earth, water, snow… CROSSCALL ambassadors display their talents in all the elements and share the values which are dear to the brand: perseverance, endurance, fun and love of the outdoors.

Caroline Angibaud

Stand Up Paddle Board

Nicolas Dubreuil


Cédric Gracia

Mountain bike

Laetitia Roux

Mountain bike

Xavier De Le Rue

Snowboard freeride

Aurélien Ducroz

Ski freeride

But also…

Ahstudio – Video production
Tangui Audern – Sail
Mathieu Babarit – Sup, Wave Ski
Sylvain Bazin – Trail
Sebastien Col – ESF instructor
Bike Patrol – Mountain bike
Yann Borgnet – Mountaineering
Boris Cadeilhan – Ski
Laurent Caillot – Flyboard
Illona Carlod – Ski Freeride
Crossops – Crossfit
Cyril Faure – Ski Freeride
Denis Fortune – Ski, Paragliding
Constantin Frederi – Ski
Sylvain Garcia – Fishing guide
Philippe Glen Grapinet –  Fishing guide
Seb Jalon – Windsurf, Ski, Trail
Yoann Joly – Mountaineering
Jonathan Lelievre – Mountain
Antonin Lieutaghi – Ski instructor, Mountain bike Evolution2
Jeff Mercier – Mountaineering
Maria José Paynol – Ultra Trail
Karim Pelissier – Snowboard
Alex Pittin – Mountain guide
Laurent Poublan – Canyoning
Lucas Tardivat – Surf-Skateboard-Golf

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Une photo publiée par @crosscallmobile le

Une photo publiée par @crosscallmobile le

Une photo publiée par @crosscallmobile le

Une photo publiée par @crosscallmobile le

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