Surf-trip & “Japow” for Edouard Delpero



After the Japan experience, France, Europe and World Longboard Champion brought us some images entirely filmed with his TREKKER-X3. Whether surfing the waves or snowboarding, Édouard tested his smartphone in these conditions and told us about his trip.

“I went to Japan to discover the country and the local culture. The plan was to travel around the mountains for 5 days and then retire on an island where I enjoyed a truly incredible welcome. Special thanks to Green Hill Surf Lodge by the way!

During my surf trip I used the Windy application. On an island winds change rapidly and conditions are very challenging, especially in December and January.

So I really had to study maps well to identify time frames with no wind. When I was in the mountains I used it in particular to capture all my images and check the weather on the internet, especially the snow forecast. ”



gear used