Testing his ACTION-X3 in the arctic



He is one of our best testers in extreme conditions. A professional hunter and polar expedition leader for 66° North, Julien Caquineau lives in Greenland where he goes to spend 8 months a year on an ice pack with his sled dogs. He put down in a few lines his first impressions on his experience using CROSSCALL ACTION-X3 and X-POWER, the smartphone’s external battery.

« Since I got my ACTION-X3 I’ve been able to test it at temperatures of -18°C, -20°C and even -35°C. The screen is particularly reactive despite the cold and even when you’re wearing gloves. It’s not particularly sensitive to static electricity, which is a common condition here in the dry cold.

As for battery life, I didn’t try to save any power as I wanted to test its actual potential. I was able to go on for three days on normal mode i.e. active geolocation services and connected to my Tracker InReach the whole time, day and night, via Bluetooth. Besides taking photos and videos I watched three movies of 2 hours each that I had downloaded via Netflix before leaving.

On the third day the battery was showing 15% charged so I connected it to the X-POWER. Recharging is super fast – 100% charged in less than 2 hours! And the magnetic connection system is really handy as you can continue to use your phone easily.

The sun still hasn’t come back out, we have very little light and in spite of that we’re still taking beautiful pictures and videos.»



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