Car mounting and charging kit

The X-CAR PRO is the perfect accessory for easily and quickly recharging your CROSSCALL device while travelling by car.
Compatible with both the CROSSCALL phones and tablet, the X-CAR PRO has a telescopic arm to allow you to adjust the distance between your device and the windscreen easily and quickly.

attentionThe X-CHEST is only compatible with phones equipped with the X-LINK™ technology.

strong points
X-STICK - Perche téléscopique ergonomique

Quick Charge

Compatible 2.4A Quick Charge (12/24V), the X-CAR PRO allows you to recharge your tablet or smartphone quickly while travelling, by way of the integrated USB charger.

X-STICK - Perche téléscopique avec trépied

Complete mounting kit

 In order to meet you every need and those of users in the professional world, the X-CAR PRO has two fixing systems: a suction mount and a self-adhesive mount.

X-STICK - Perche téléscopique


With the X-BLOCKER you can fix your smartphone or tablet securely in a single move, regardless of the road conditions.

X-STICK - Perche téléscopique bluetooth


Adjust your X-CAR PRO easily and without tools thanks to its twin ball-joint and its strengthened arm that extends from 80 mm to 130 mm, perfectly suited to use in vans.

Quick Charge
Benefit from a fast charging speed

Thanks to the X-LINKTMsystem, compatible with the 2.4A (12/24V) Quick-Charge cigarette lighter charger, your charge time is optimized during your journey. Unlike an induction recharge, the X-LINKTM sends an efficient charge without any loss of power (98% charging power transferred) in order to deliver a sufficient amount of energy to recharge your phone or tablet quickly.

Complete mounting kit
Choose the system that suits you best

In order to meet every need, the X-CAR PRO has been designed with two fixing systems: a suction mount and a 3M™ self-adhesive mount :
– The suction mount system, for smooth surfaces such as windscreens and some dashboards, provides effective and lasting hold (even in high temperatures) thanks to its polyurethane suction cup. This system was also designed not to leave any trace on removal.
– The 3M™ self-adhesive mount system that you can fix wherever you choose, fits perfectly into your cab thanks to its compact form. It can be attached using the 4 screws provided in the box, for a permanent installation.

Your product is correctly attached

With the X-BLOCKER you can fix your smartphone or tablet securely in a single move.. Bumpy roads and vibrations are no longer a problem to you.

Adjustable at will

Equipped with a twin ball-joint for easy adjustment in portrait or landscape mode, the X-CAR PRO also boasts a reinforced lockable arm that extends from 80 mm to 130 mm to offer you an optimum view of the screen, whatever your vehicle.
And as a little extra, your cable also has a plastic hook to prevent wires dangling around the driving seat.

Suction cup mount
Extendable arm 80 mm to 130 mm
Self-adhesive mount
3M™ or screw-on
Portrait / Landscape
Adjustment axes
360° multi-directional with double ball joint
Input voltage
5-12V ~
Output voltage/current
5,0V⎓2.4A / 9,0V⎓2,0A / 12,0V⎓1,5A
Integrated cable
Cable type
Cable length
X-LINKᵀᴹ = Magconn Technology
Input voltage
12-24V ~
Output voltage/current
5,0V⎓2.4A / 9,0V⎓2,0A / 12,0V⎓1,5A
140-195 x 69 x 69 mm
97 g
45 x 35 x 32 mm
14 g

attention Only smartphones and tablets equipped with the X-LINKTM technology sont compatibles avec cet accessoire.

attention Please note that the X-BLOCKER which allows you to attach the accessory to your smartphone is not supplied with the accessories.
It is available in the box of your X-LINKTM compatible phone.
The use of the X-CAR PRO obviously remains subject to the Highway Code and can only be exercised in optimal safety conditions.

Download the user manual
Download the certificate of conformity

Availability of spare parts: spare parts essential for the use of the product will be available for two (2) years from the date of sale to the Customer.