How to use your ACTION-X3 with gloves?

On the chairlift, on the building site or in the MTB session, no need to take off your gloves to keep on using your CROSSCALL ACTION-X3 smartphone!

Testing his ACTION-X3 in the arctic

Julien Caquineau, expedition leader in the polar regions, has been testing his ACTION-X3 at -18°C in Greenland and has given us his feedback on this.

TREKKER-X3: «We use it for maps»

Tom and Alexandra, two adventurers, set off on a world tour with no return date to look for the best spots to pitch their tent.

New SHARK-X3, water is calling

CROSSCALL launched the new SHARK-X3, in Facebook LIVE! A waterproof and floating mobile, specially designed for nautic sports enthousiasts!

«With the TREKKER-X3, you can relax»

Let’s head off for a 100% trail test report of the TREKKER-X3 by the trailer Antoine Bonnefille-Roualet, who left for a « mountain trip » in New Zealand.

In Jordi Tosas’ TREKKER-X3

CROSSCALL wanted to take a closer look at what was in the smartphone of this passionnate alpine-runner and the youngest guide at Chamonix in the 90s.

TIP #3: write a text message hands-free!

Dictez vos SMS à haute-voix sans même toucher votre smartphone grâce à la technologie de reconnaissance vocale intégrée dans les smartphones Android !

X3 SENSORS: analyse your environment

CROSSCALL equipped the latest TREKKER-X3 with numerous sensors to analyse and understand any terrain, whether for a trip outdoors or a work assignment.

«The X2, a war machine»

Julien Caquineau, a professionnal hunter and an expedition leader, tells us about the time he found his smartphone unscathed despite losing it on the ice. This is his story, sent from the Far North.