Mountain climber or mountain lover, outdoor professional or daily explorer, ultra-trailer or casual runner, skipper around the World or rider… the Crosscall community is first of all a community of aficionados, looking for emotions and new experiences. Meet the community and join those who host, use and make the brand alive through the Crosscall Wall, the news of our ambassadors or our partnerships with the famous outdoor events.


Join the Crosscall community by sharing your best outdoor pictures on Instagram ! Hiking, biking, discovering the other side of the World, surfing, fishing or skiing… publish your pics and videos on Instagram with #Crosscall and discover your photos on the Crosscall Wall !

Follow our ambassadors

They are riders, explorers, mountain guides, rescuers, or professionals… They use a Crosscall smartphone too. Thanks to them and their feedbacks in the most extreme conditions, the Crosscall teams develop each day new brand products and accessories, by offering more and more freedom. Follow the adventures of the Crosscall team on Instagram, or on the blog !

Enter at the heart of the action

The High Five Festival, The Roc d’Azur, the Natural Games or the UTMB®… Crosscall has taken the decision to be associated to the famous outdoor events ! Let’s discover the Crosscall team during these events and let’s participate to the several games and contests !

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