“Its Integrated sensors are very interesting when you’re in the air”



A professional pilot and instructor of future airline pilots, Benoît is very passionate about aviation and flies on a DA42 every day. He spontaneously shared with us his personal experience on the use of his CROSSCALL TREKKER-X3 smartphone. He’s gone for an “airplane mode” test !

« It was a friend – a sports fan himself – who made me find out about CROSSCALL phones. He equipped himself with a TREKKER-M1 and has now just got his hands on the latest ACTION-X3. As for me, I went for the TREKKER-X3 and its practical features.

Being an airline co-pilot and practising motorsports, enduro and MTB, I’ve been using this phone for professional as well as personal purposes. When you’re in the air, its integrated sensors are very interesting. I tested the barometer at 1024 hPa and the sensor’s precision was very good. In fact, it corresponded exactly to the value given by the local air forecast!».

« I’ve used the Aviation Tools app to get information on METAR and TAF i.e. reports on observations and expected aeronautic conditions at airports, respectively.

In GPS mode, I compared it to data from Garmin 1000 and coordinates matched, although clearly there is a small time lapse between the two because of the speed of the aicraft! ».

« I also used it to check my email and the weather forecast with the Windy app that provides a forecast for wind, low clouds, altitude, variations in pressure etc… And in the summer, when you’re surfing on the Basque coast, you also get swell forecasts! Just the best.

I find this smartphone perfectly ideal for all my sport trips. In enduro I’m not worried about it hitting anything or about dust!

Its battery life is impressive. I use it intensively all day and when I get back home it still has between 60 and 70% charge. To get directions while driving I use Waze and thanks to GPS optimisation I no longer have a charger in my car. In road-bike mode I connect it to my helmet via Bluetooth.

From a design perspective it has a pretty nice look and in terms of its camera it takes good shots, even in low-light conditions, when you work on settings a bit.

At present I have two work colleagues who bought a TREKKER-X3 and an ACTION-X3 after discovering mine! »

A big thank you to Benoît who sent us his feedback via Messenger.


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