«My desktop, my working tool and my Swiss Army knife»



This director and mountain climber shot the «mountain» scenes of the last film by Serge Hazanavicius, « Tout là-haut », and also followed the famous Flying Frenchies and the High Mountain Military Group («GMHM»). Whether in the mountains, on an ice pack or in the desert, Bertrand Delapierre is often facing challenging shooting conditions. Between one flight and the other, he explains why his TREKKER-X3 is a precious working tool for him.

» I work in the open air, often in the mountains, about 150 days a year in often difficult conditions. I tried several smartphones but I must admit that this one is really robust. It’s my working desk, my working tool and my Swiss Army knife altogether.

I use it mainly to drive and set off my drones in the distance and have images shown on my TREKKER-X3 screen. I installed the apps for my cameras (GoPro, DJI, YI…) and the ENTRACT app by the Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to consult the areas where my drone can fly.

Its battery life easily allows me to get through a whole day of exploration and shooting. It does make a difference from other phones dying at -20°C. To me this is proof of safety and efficiency because if the phone switches off I can no longer locate my drone. But in this case I just know for sure that my device will work – it saved me buying a tablet and my backpack is lighter when I set off to the mountains!

I use the GPS a lot to locate mysef while filming, in particular when I find myself in areas that are hardly mapped such as the Russian Arctic Islands. I check the Maps.me app when I’m abroad and the IphiGénie app when in France.
Its large screen and brightness are really useful to read maps. When you’re on an ice pack you can do without wearing a mantle to see the screen.

Besides flying drones and mapping, I installed the Sun Locator and Sun Surveyor apps for my trackings, which provide information on sunrise and sunset times.

I practically do almost everything with it! »

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