TREKKER-X3: «We use it for maps»



Tom and Alexandra, two adventurers from Lyon, set off on a world tour with no return date to look for the best spots to pitch their tent. After two years on the road they’ve listed and shared their discoveries on their website, world-wild-camp.com, with the help of their TREKKER-X3 phones. From Canada, they’ve explained to us how they use their smartphones while searching for these spaces.

Can you tell us about your “World Wild Camp” project and how the idea came to you?

«We were making the most of every weekend to trudge across the Alps: hiking, ski touring, climbing etc.  We were using every excuse to escape from our lives which were way too urban. Then we realised that there wasn’t much point in getting 2 or 3 weeks’ holiday when we were always going to have to go back just as we started to get used to it.

We thought of a big trip of several months. We made a list of the destinations and walks that were most tempting to us to create a consistent itinerary in terms of places and seasons. We saved some money for a few years and those months quickly turned into two years’ travelling without actually having a return date…

Our journey is more focused around trekking, outdoor life and bivouac. Slow travelling really is the best way to absorb a place for us.”

What role does your TREKKER-X3 play during your journey?

« We pretty much have it in our pockets all the time as we use it for maps and to record our routes. The fact that you can access world-wide topographic maps in offline mode, too, on a robust, waterproof smartphone with a long battery life, seemed to be the best solution to us. This way we can use it in all weather conditions. When hiking we usually check the Viewranger app and when in town we use Maps.me.

Besides the GPS we also use it to check the weather forecast. The Windguru app is in our opinion the most reliable and the most efficient one compared to big traditional apps.

The X3-SENSORS integrated app is also very useful for us to check the air temperature and know if our water supply risks freezing during the night. Finally, during our walks, we obviously use it to take pictures and souvenir videos.»

What will be your plans when you get back?

« We will continue to add contents to our website to provide enough information to internet users and allow them to do their own trekking. The intention is for the website to be both practical and fun with field-tools, a good amount of photos and a few videos too. We’re also considering a book project and approaching publishers. Aside from the book we will certainly add a “best of” video of the trip.”

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