You have recently purchased a CROSSCALL TREKKER-X4 smartphone and we would like to thank you for this. Your trust means a lot to us in our commitment to be increasingly innovative and we would like to do our best to assist you as you use your smartphone.
For this reason you will find below some guidance to get you started with your new smartphone. This way you’ll be able to make the most of the wide-angle experience offered by the X-CAM application – an ALL-IN-ONE app that will allow you to capture, edit and share your best moments easily and quickly.


As you probably noticed your TREKKER-X4 is in constant evolution and our technical teams work daily to allow you to enjoy increasingly intense outdoor experiences.

For this reason you will be offered updates regularly. We encourage you to accept and install them as of today to check that your phone and your X-CAM App are up-to-date.

1st step:
Open the “ Update” app available on your phone and check if your phone is up-to-date. If it isn’t, download and install the update available.

2nd step:
Open the “ Play store” app on your phone. Type “ X-CAM by CROSSCALL” in the search bar and check if an update is available. If that’s the case, download and install it.

For a simplified update we suggest that you opt for an automatic update of your apps by selecting this option in the Play Store app settings.


Your TREKKER-X4 currently has two Photo/Video making applications: the Camera app and the X-CAM app.

In order to best assist you in your choice, here are a few tips for you:

  • If you’re going to shoot videos of diving actions choose the X-CAM App and make the most of its choice of angle, stabilization and its different shooting options (Slowmotion, Timelapse, Dashcam, Live).
  • To shoot simple and quick videos, choose the Camera App and shoot using the back camera, the front camera as well as in Fisheye mode while also being able to access the Slowmotion and Timelapse functions.
  • For your most beautiful outdoor pictures choose the Camera App and shoot using the back camera, the front camera but also in Fisheye mode with the possibility to zoom in to make rounded edges disappear.
  • To view your contents choose the X-Gallery App or the X-CAM App and then select Gallery from the menu. For editing actions choose the X-CAM App and follow our tutorials below. 




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