Offre Proximus

Profiteer van ons speciaal Proximus aanbod! Schrijf u in op een abonnement bij Proximus en ontvang uw CORE-X3 of TREKKER-X4 gratis! En als bonus, uw universele lader met POWER PACK energiereserve gratis. Ontdek hoe u van dit aanbod kunt profiteren


Pour Noël CROSSCALL vous gâte ! Pour l’achat d’un TREKKER-X4, ajoutez 69€ et offrez-vous ou à un de vos proches, le projecteur mobile wifi PicoPix Micro d’une valeur de 269€. Découvrez comment profiter de cette offre exceptionnelle !

How to use your ACTION-X3 with gloves?

On the chairlift, on the building site or in the MTB session, no need to take off your gloves to keep on using your CROSSCALL ACTION-X3 smartphone!

X3 SENSORS: analyse your environment

CROSSCALL equipped the latest TREKKER-X3 with numerous sensors to analyse and understand any terrain, whether for a trip outdoors or a work assignment.

“At -15°C everything freezes, apart from the telephone!”

The High Mountain Military Group (GMHM) tested the CROSSCALL TREKKER-M1 in extrem conditions during expeditions in Peru and Nepal. Antoine Bletton, a GMHM Corporal for 4 years, give us a highlitght on the use of the CROSSCALL TREKKER-M1 by militaries in expedition.